Having a relatively quiet 2018 thus far, P Digga has returned with his new single “idi bad” and he does not disappoint. One of Houston-Nigeria’s top talents, P Digga uses igbotic to spit as well as sing, embracing his cultural language for melody to blend genres and move into... Read more
[Single] G CINCO – MY LIFE @flashgthe3rd
Minnesota Twins short-stop and hip hop artist Nick Gordon, aka G Cinco recently released this new visual for his single “My Life” off EP I do it all, check it out listen to more of his music via Spotify. Listen now https://open.spotify.com/track/3Bav7cU12HiquC0CzfFWiA Stay connected https://www.instagram.com/flashgthe3rd https://twitter.com/flashgthe3rd https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbEip4FZORnaeDCnQa2Lw7A/about Read more
[New Video] Tii215- Becuz @TII215
Philadelphia rap-duo Tii215 is making their presence felt in the city and around the country with their organic sound and original story. The two clearly have undeniable chemistry both sonically and conceptually as they meet in the middle on catchy melodies and quality raps. Their latest single “Becuz” is... Read more
WHOAA – “Don’t Take Me For Granted”
Self-proclaimed retro–pop duo WHOAA is releasing their emotionally-heavy cover of Atlantic Starr’s track “Don’t Take Me For Granted”. The song is an ode to Mother Earth just in time for Earth Day 2018 as they prepare a slew of visual releases leading into the Summer. The track is a remake of Atlantic Starr’s... Read more