[Video] Flawless Tha Don “That’s all I know ” @Thefavoriteflaw
Flawless is back with a anthem for the trappers searching from a way out of the struggle in order to make a living! Watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/skfBlOBnlVw Stay Connected Instagram and twitter @thefavoriteflaw Thadonflawless.com   Read more
Inkay2x – Gassin @Inkay2x
“Gassin” is a smooth, short, happy, upbeat single from Inkay2x. Promoted with a short 50 second visual, gassin was in heavy demand due to various singles posted by the rapper. Released on July 3, 2018 the debut single by the artist continues to grow and grow around the D.C... Read more
Cristian Broadnax – You Like @CristianBroadnx
“You Like”, from singer Cristian Broadnax, is a hit infused with 90’s R&B style keyboards, vocal harmonies and booming trap styled 808s that will set the tone for a romantic moment. It describes the scene of a young man working towards his goals who hasn’t forgotten to set time... Read more
Jelani Jeffries – 4U: A Love Story @JelaniJeffries
Jelani Jeffries’ “4U: A Luv Story” is a romantic tale composed of vivid emotions as a man faces his fear of vulnerability. However, in the process, he realizes that there’s strength in expressing love for someone special in his life. Despite having hidden his deepest feelings throughout the course... Read more
rxmes – Don’t Walk Away @therealromester
rxmes (pronounced romes) is a Toronto native and LostInTheCity representative who just released a new, R&B fueled single entitled “Don’t Walk Away”, produced by Sebastianvmusic. rxmes started singing when he was 9 years old. Joining choir and competing in singing competitions, he was on and off with this gift... Read more
Manny Marzz – On Sumthin @iammannymarzz
Manny Marzz, a young artist from Maryland with spacey ambience vibes that have rich flows and short meaningful lyrics; best for a night time drive. He started making music at 19 years old, going to the studio all the time on his off days, working full-time in order to... Read more
Mona Mula – Run It Up @mona_mula
Mona Mula’s single “Run It Up” is a wavy, melodic track with a lot of bass. It’s a mixture of sing and rap which combine to form a hybrid falling under the ‘cloud rap’ genre. The lyrics and melody are playful, creating a happy atmosphere. Mona Mula is a... Read more
Pistachio Gods – New Law @pistachiogods
Pistachio Gods are a Texas-based hip-hop group led by two recording artists and producers, Tachio and Cashu. This team of lifelong friends grew up together in Houston, Texas, attending the same schools from middle school to college and playing music in their parents’ garages. Their debut record “Trail Mix”... Read more
DJ Ryan Wolf ft. Ray Jr, Rootabang & Ty Bri – Cook Service Pack @DJRYANWOLF
@DJRYANWOLF @RAYJR216 @ROOTABANG @TYSTILLCOLD https://soundcloud.com/djryanwolf/cook Read more