[Video] Beanz Valentino ft Street Bud – Andale @ValentinoBeanz
If you’re in the Zamora family, real life is in music. Colorado-born, Patrick Zamora aka Beanz Valentino is the youngest professional rap artist out the Southwest. At the age of 5, Beanz chose music as his career. His Parents, the owners of Southern Royalty Studios, gave him the introduction... Read more
[Mini Movie] Deacon Don Dy-Dy – ” Seeds in The Field ” | @DeaconDonDyDy
From the “Spiritual Ammo” double CD, the debut single ” Seeds in the Field” is making a heartfelt statement on the world wide web. Deacon Don Dy-Dy recorded “Seeds in the Field” with his son before the tragedy. The video is based on a true story and depicts repeatable... Read more