Darrein STL – Ground Up @Darreinstl
Darrein Safron a.k.a Darrein STL is the golden child of Hip Hop legend Tech N9ne’s Strange Music INC label. Darrien has done it all from performing on local news stations at the early age of 4 to being introduced to the world by the iconic Whoopi Goldberg on the... Read more
Dre Hudson – Foreign Lands @drehudsonn
Dre Hudson is a young artist/producer from Southeast London. Combining his rap skills and unique melodies with hard hitting beats, Dre offers a very unique and diverse sound. “Foreign Lands” is Dre’s debut project. The 5 track EP offers a diverse range of modern trap beats, combined with groovy... Read more
Tedz200 – Free Smoke @Tedz_200
Tedz200’s “Free Smoke” is a song made strictly to get you in a hype mood and just turn up. Tedz200 is an artist from Laplace, Louisiana with a unique style and flow for his approach in music. You can feel his potential for the music industry is one of... Read more
Anima Vestra Ft ivri – I Don’t Wanna Know How It Feels @AnimaVestra12
Anima Vestra’s “I Don’t Wanna Know How It Feels” is a very slow paced, lo-fi hip hop song. Supplied with the amazing production from Ocean Beat and lovely vocals from ivir, we were able to create this awesome song. The song is about simply wanting to get away/over someone,... Read more
Tah-Hir – Sucka Free @AirTahir
The newly released single “Sucka Free” is a nostalgic record from Tah-Hir. It has elements of a 90’s record circa Biggie and Bad Boy. It also carries a timeless feeling to it courtesy of the funkdified self-production. Tah-Hir is an upcoming artist residing from the west coast. He self... Read more
ZANGBA Ft Maskerade – I’m Good For You (Workelius Remix) @zangbathomson
“I’m Good For You (Workelius Remix)” by ZANGBA is a danceable hip-hop ’n’ R&B gem that’s radio-friendly. Remixed by Swedish producer, Workelius, the luxurious track thumps with its ultra- pounding baseline, luxurious soundscapes, and soulful vocals provided by R&B singer, Maskerade. “The song is about boy meets girl, but... Read more
PATx – Hurt Locker

PATx – Hurt Locker

Videos September 11, 2018

“Hurt Locker” is a premiere sound, launching the new energy of PATx, one that is unapologetic, gritty, high-energy, and intense. Hurt Locker is a representation of his new wave of explosive sound, telling everyone to “move get back,” addressing those who may have let the older content fall on... Read more
Lil Cats Ft 24hrs – Paper

Lil Cats Ft 24hrs – Paper

Music September 11, 2018

Lil Cats is a producer/rap-singer duo based out of Seoul, South Korea. The team creates music that fits the vibes of Seoul and were influenced by various genres such as Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap, House, etc. They are known for combining unique and ambient sounds with groovy rhythm and... Read more
Joe Ness – Album on the Way @JoeNessNYC
Joe Ness a well seasoned artist from Brooklyn, NY. He has been making/writing music since the age of 12. Joe’s worked with well known producers such as J Cardim on many records. Such as on his 2013 hit single, “The Pilot”, which he performed at the famous Brooklyn Colleges... Read more