Gu$to is an 20 year old rapper and producer. He is the leader of the movement called CULTUREshift. Coming from the streets of St. Louis has instilled Gu$to’s music with hard punching 808s but he has paired it with an sci-fi Alternative Twist. Gusto focuses heavy on the conceptual... Read more
Marcus Jordan & ChuckOnDaBeat – Pressure @marcus_jordan45 @ChuckOnDaBeat
Marcus Jordan and ChuckOnDaBeat’s “Pressure” is a song that is meant for the car with a fast-paced flow, and a beat change in the middle as a switch up. The beat is hard-hitting yet simple which brings out the vocals. Marcus Jordan is an upcoming artist from Nyack, New... Read more
Gold – Vendetta @Goldiexxo
Gold is an artist from Rogers Park a neighborhood in the north side of Chicago. Kawaun Saunders ( Gold ) was born April 22nd 1998 in Chicago Illinois. He’s been making music since 2011 he brings a real creative style to hiphop . He adapts to different genres making... Read more
Young Lyonne – 1144

Young Lyonne – 1144

Music October 6, 2018

Young Lyonne is a recording artist, songwriter, and artist manager from Queens, NY. His work holds credits from Empire and Sony, and he furthers his skills at the NY Performing Arts Academy – within the top performance schools in the world. He currently runs with the ‘Medixi’, a music... Read more
Vic Sage – Attached @vicsagemusic
Vic Sage’s ‘Attached’ release is the story of the fight to forget somebody even when it is difficult. It is the see-saw of emotions and the wave that brings one up and down when it is time to put an end to the relationship. Vic Sage is a 23... Read more
YoungKingCash – Rarri Barbie @theofficialykc
Atlanta’s YoungKingCash slaps a One K Motion Pictures video under his hit single, “Rarri Barbie”. With over 55.4 k listeners on Soundcloud and continuing to grow, this dark trap house vibe will make you dance and move as if you where on psychedelics yourself. Check out the Tommy Stoner... Read more
cøzybøy – how to talk to girls at parties @cozyboycries
cøzybøy unleashes the passionately performed single, “how to talk to girls at parties”, from his latest album, “A BEDRØØM STØRY”. The vulnerable musical project wades through the various stages of a modern relationship in an unconventional way. in a lurid landscape fraught with one night stands, hook ups, polyamory,... Read more
Cam Blu – TYRANT @blu_cam
With the help of E_Wxxds on production and Jared Marston of Obey on film/edit, Cam Blu’s “TYRANT” music video is a simple yet memorable watch. Coming from a small town in southern Massachusetts, Cam Blu has developed a unique take on the current sound of hip hop. From the... Read more
[Single] A.O.Lyrical – Daily Meditating (Prod By: Philonius Phunk) @AOLyrical23 @PhiloniusPhunk
  Check out the new single from rising Nerdcore hip hop recording artist A.O. Lyrical titled “Daily Meditating” produced by the prestigious underground hip hop / nerdcore producer and founder of S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) Philonius Phunk. Stream on Soundcloud Stay Connected Booking email: Read more