Lil G – Exotic @GGNPA1
Lil G drops a brand new “Exotic” style of song with the high energy still there, different sound and singing that we aren’t use to hearing from him. Lil G is an 18 years old rapper who produces his own beats. He is pretty versatile with his music. He... Read more
GWOPGOD is a 19 year old vocalist from Brooklyn, New York. He also is commonly referred to as “gwopgodhilton”, with a signature catchphrase of “that”s hot”, often speaking about himself or his fan base which is beginning to grow, which he calls his “hotties”. GWOPGOD’s main goal is to... Read more
Kieshaun Youngblood – A Bitter Heart @KieshaunY
Kieshaun Youngblood is a mind in control of his reality, who views life both in detail an simplicity. When asked what is hip hop? He says, “music has no physical shape or form, it is an idea. So as generations change so do those ideas which create new ‘waves’... Read more
Gwalla – I Wasn’t Living Right @GWALLA_D103
Gwalla speaks on the hardships and mistakes made while living on the southside of Greenville, South Carolina. He addresses this topic on “I Wasn’t Living Right” and the song now recieves a visual perception courtesy of Chandler Murray. Read more
Roland Champaine- The Truth @RolandChampaine
Roland Champaine is in pursuit of taking the music world by storm with his Hip Hop/R&B soulful style. Born and raised in the Golden Triangle -specifically Orange, Texas. Champaine has been singing since the age of 8. He noticed the power of his musical talent when he unintentionally serenaded... Read more
“HOLLYWOOD” is the lead single from LeEX’s EP, “Sun Chips”. The Pat Banahan visual brings his introspective lyrics and vibe to life as he takes you on a journey to Hollywood. Lex is an alternative hip hop artist born and raised on the north side of Chicago. His style... Read more
750 – Rhythm & Booze @750BlackGod
Rhythm & Booze is the third project from the collective known as 750. A slight deviation from their previous material, the project focuses on the group’s desire to diversify their ability by creating an entire project in the R&B realm. The idea was spawned after the recording of the... Read more
WVS AKA Lil Lurk – Somewhere Ahead Of You @WesVan3Hunna
Who is WVS aka Lil Lurk? To understand that, you’ll first have to get to know Wes. Wes is a small town kid, born (on February 13th, 1998) and raised in Green Bay, WI. He had anything but a normal childhood but also one that many could relate to.... Read more
BoyW1DR is a Nigerian born, Irish raised rapper from Dublin City. His love for music stemming from the likes of Kanye West and Childish Gambino, artists he listened to while growing up. People like Travis Scott, 88GLAM and Isaiah Rashad are just a few artists who influenced his style... Read more
Akai Nights – Kin @AkaiNights
“Kin” is a song dedicated to Akai Nights’ fans and closest peers. It’s a term he uses to call his supporters to have more of a deeper connection with them. Akai Nights is a lone Artist from Boston, MA with a dark, electrifying and versatile style that is unique... Read more