[Video] Young Quez – It Is What It Is (Shot by: @DJBruceBruce)
He’s more focused than ever and this time it’s major. Pine bluff, Arkansas “Young Quez” has released his new single “it is what it is” and has now added it the visual to “WSHH” gaining over 24k views in a matter of hours. The young star debut the video... Read more
Keenan Clarke – Too Late @PalmTreesAndKee
Keenan Clarke’s “Too Late” is a song about love, heartbreak and walking away. The instrumental itself is quite lo-fi, like most of Keenan Clarke’s works, and this creates a dimly lit, warm mood, like sitting in front of the fire with candles and your partner on a cold winter... Read more
97BabyJay – Grateful @97babyJay1
After months of pushing the audio single, 21 year old rising Detroit artist 97BabyJay releases visuals to his hit song, “Grateful”. The video match the song’s meaningful message about being grateful to be alive. The song itself sends a dope message that needs to be talked about, especially with... Read more
Lil Flame – Lean On My Jeans @fucklilflame
Lil Flame is an up and coming rapper out of the New York scene. He sticks out above the rest because of his different flow and the crafty melodic sounds he produces. He’s from a small town in NY but he sets to be bigger than the rest of... Read more
Leps – No Talkin’ @Leps604
“No Talkin'” by Leps is a hard hitting banger, with production by Filthy Pino and Engineering by 2TrackENT, this song is a 100% Vancouver based song. The catchy hook will surely draw you in, but you will stay for the aggressive bars in both of the verses. Vancouver’s own... Read more
Grafic Ft J Trees – Flick @graficny
“Flick” is a song by rising New York Rapper Grafic featuring a member of Hicksville’s Bong Island Collective, J Trees. It is produced by CashMoneyAP and mixed by J Trees. get the popcorn ready before tapping play. At only 18 years old, Hicksville artist Grafic is, to the eyes... Read more
upendo – Yellow @upendothehuman
Growing in between worlds, upendo is coming into her own through music. Plucking influences and stories across the globe, she unifies the 20-some year-old experience in soft R&B/pop. Based in NYC, she’s gearing for an EP in the spring. Stay tuned to see what upendo has coming but in... Read more
UrCelph – I’m Rich @urcelph
UrCeph’s “I’m Rich” single is all about manifestation; speaking into existence your future despite the circumstances. Positive thinking above all else. The song was inspired by Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. Catch the song on his 4 track EP, “Do 4 Celph, Vol. 2”. Born in the city... Read more
Lilpluto – Floating @LiLPluto777
“Floating” is a heart felt song diving deep into the emotions of Lilpluto while keeping it fun and hard. Floating marks a turning point in his music giving his listeners a glimpse of what vibes he is capable of giving off. Often referring to space and celestial bodies these... Read more
Swank Sinatra – 1:45 Freestyle @1Swank_Sinatra
The idea for Swank Sinatra’s “1:45 Freestyle” music video was to touch on more of the art behind his videos. Swank Sinatra appreciates the arts and just the flexibility of being who you want to be at the time and at the time the ideas for the video came... Read more