Reign Gretzky – Barn Burner @newhigherliving
“New Higher Livings'” own Reign Gretzky unleashes a bangin’ new EP titled “Barn Burner”. This 5 track masterpiece shows off his clever vision and ferocious flows, all coming together for a killer project. As you can see in his career one of Reign’s goals is to bring the urban... Read more
One who May Ascend (OMA) Ft UNOFROMPLUTO – Pull Up @OnewhoMayAscend
Texas Solo Artist Award Finalist, One who May Ascend’s (OMA) style is – to say the least – different. With intricate lyrical content and concepts that can only be explained by some level of divine intervention, OMA has many titles, among them: leader, lyricist, martial artist, entrepreneur, underdog, and... Read more
James Garlimah – Caroline
Liberia’s James Garlimah returns with new music in the form of the audio single, “Caroline” and here’s wehat he had to say concerning the release. “Caroline” is about a female I met in Atlanta in 2016 on one of my earliest musical journey. She left an impact on me... Read more