[EP] GA Breezy – Live from the Chain Gang @ga_breezy
GA Breezy – Live from the Chain Gang What happens to you doesn’t mean shit it’s how you handle what happens that makes you who you are today. Listen on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/live-from-the-chain-gang-ep/1451426895 MyMixtapez https://mymixtapez.com/album/199999 Spinrilla http://spnr.la/qAAYlh0D Stay Connected Twitter @ga_breezy IG @gabreezyway Read more
[EP] Ju’Orleans – 4th Quarter @JuOrleans504
Ju’Orleans – 4th Quarter Available now! https://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1447698104 Check out the ‘Pray 4 Me’ Official Video https://youtu.be/uzb11nldY3w Stay Connected IG: @iamjuorleans Twitter: @iamjuorleans Read more
[EP] Cool Peeple – Coolie Fly
Cool Peeple – Coolie Fly Check it out on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/coolpeeple305/sets/coolie-fly Stay Connected Twitter @CoolNowel IG @coolpeeple Read more
[New EP]- TeawhYB “Letters Inbetween” @TeawhYB
TeawhYB’s (pronounced T-Y-B) debut EP: “Letters Inbetween” is a stylistic showcase of what the future holds for the Wisconsin Alternative Hip-Hop artist. Each song a unique approach to the hip-hop genre, “Letters Inbetween” cleverly transforms from R&B, to freestyle rap, to melodic storytelling, to Top-40, to alternative ballad through... Read more
Good Samaritan – Sneak Peek

Good Samaritan – Sneak Peek

EP December 10, 2018

Good Samaritan is an 18 year old rapper/singer/producer from Portland, Oregon. His goal in music is to take his style, energy and youth and refine it into something sleek, compact and magnetic. His latest 5 track EP is a “Sneak Peek” at his growth since dropping his first mixtape. Read more
Vincnt – Fucked Up Teens @vincentyaknow
Drawing influence for his sound from current and classic music alike to create something that hasn’t necessarily been done before on his new EP, “Fucked Up Teens”, Vincnt brings real, relatable lyrics on modern instrumentals. Vincnt is a modern hip-hop/rap artist bringing change to the standard style of music... Read more
[NEW MUSIC] Nova – Stoned EP @WTFisNova
Released on the same day as Meek Mill’s ‘Championships’ EP, the amazing songstress that is Nova releases ‘Stoned EP’ a well received body of work. Highlighted by ‘Pillow Talk’ and ‘I Am’ there’s no low moments in this project. See for yourself. Listen to Stoned EP https://song.link/Stoned Stay Connected... Read more
[Album] @SALESENYC ‘Mia Vita’
Change has come… Very rarely in the world of Hip Hop today do you encounter the best of all worlds. An artist with hit making ability, an image that is marketable yet honest and genuine, matched with sharp business savvy all wrapped in one. Recording artist SaleSe represents just... Read more
[EP] GrapeSoda Henderson – Fantana Grape @Thtgrapesodaboy
Grapesoda Henderson Comes back with another classic project which is titled “Fantana Grape”, which entails the laid back smooth style of GrapeSoda Henderson. Grape brings back the nostalgic feeling of Snoop Dogg in “Gin and Juice” with a mix of modern day flow. With the help of superb production... Read more
MCshabazz – Sorry Is Getting Boring @MCshabazz_
MCshabazz delivers a 4 track audio/video EP entitled “Sorry Is Getting Boring”. Three singles and one video for “Peekaboo” are included in the YouTube project. MCshabazz is a Dominican rap artist born in the Dominican Republic. He was raised by his grandmother and grandfather after his parents left him... Read more