Meet Kirk Remekie is the CEO and founder of “Making It Look Kool” (M.I.L.K) apparel @MILK_Apparel
Kirk Remekie is the CEO and founder of “Making It Look Kool” apparel also known as M.I.L.K. Kirk created M.I.L.K Apparel in 2016. M.I.L.K is a family brand geared towards sport, education and positive lifestyle. The goal for M.I.L.K is to become a household brand known for giving back... Read more
Fans of Lil Thony Can’t Wait To Get Their Beat A Ni$#a Ass Foundation Merch!
Lil Thony remains consistent in being one of the most unique underground artists on the Atlanta scene. From his crazy hairstyle(s) to his distinguished outfits, Lil Thony seems to stick out like a sore thumb everywhere he goes! Fans have been going crazy for his most recent creation. Earlier... Read more
[Fashion] @SunkenBooty GOAT Snapback
Sunken Booty GOAT Snapback Hat All of their custom brim snapback hats are completely deconstructed and sewn back together using industrial grade sewing machines. This is not a cheap sticker fabric or hot glue gun version of a custom brim snapback hat like other imitators sell online. Each one is... Read more
Summer’s Hottest Trends
Q: What is the hottest summer trend going on now? And why?   A:  The hottest summer trending fashions going on now would be denim on denim ensemble as wells as print on print designs.  These items dominate each other while providing an eye catching accents. Q: What would... Read more