Blacks To @RealAlexJones: Stop Faking Support Of Black Independents
In 2017 I was a frequent user of Telegram, a messaging app used mainly for my Twitter promo groups. In early Fall I was private messaged by Alex Jones of Infowars who asked me if I wished to interview him for HuffingtonPost, he was unaware that I no longer... Read more
Detroit artist 44 Roc has been making some noise with his new single Luxury Tax. Stay in tune wit 44 Roc on Twitter Facebook Instagram Read more
Kate Morgan’s Limerent Objects Gives Justice A Twist
The cast of Limerent Objects met up recently at Shock City Studios in St. Louis to drop sound for Limerent Objects, a growing web series. It’s based off several film-festival ready micro-shorts that were written as Kate Morgan spent time hunkering down in a Dutchtown bathtub as several police... Read more
Diaz – The Will | @_D1AZ_
Diaz travels globe seeking out inspiration for new music   NEW YORK, NY – Diaz is on a journey to discover the best music in the world. His path started in upstate Rochester, New York and has taken him all over the world, including his current stay in China where... Read more
Najee Rosekush – Rose Emoji | @Najeerosekush
New artist blossoms to the world with single ‘Rose Emoji’ JACKSON, MS – It started with a furlough in Hollywood and a walk down the boulevard with some of his military buddies. On a whim, Brandon Laury-McArthur decided to buy roses and hand them out to all the pretty girls... Read more
Rich Tone – Demons | @RichToneNation
Rich Tone overcomes pains from past be illuminating truth through music BRONX, NY – Before every recording session in the studio, Anthony “Rich Tone” Salvatierra recites a mantra he learned after the passing of his grandmother, Maria Gomera. “I have the cut,” he said. “Now it’s time to open... Read more
Qwestion – Like OJ | @Qwestionde
Hip-Hop Artist Qwestion?! Releases New Hit Single “Like OJ” LOS ANGELES, CA – Ultra talented hip-hop artist Qwestion?! is here to deliver the answer through his creative lyrics and songs. Growing up in Chicago, the artist encountered some tough times throughout his younger years, and looked to music as... Read more
Tommy-G – Mr. Popular | @TommyGFFMG
Irish hip-hop artist bares soul through witty wordplay with new album, ‘Worship No Idols’ IRELAND – Finding a genuine hip-hop artist in Ireland would be like stumbling upon one of the rarest gems in the world. Tommy-G is that rare diamond. With a combination of groovy beats, old-school samples and witty... Read more
[Video] Wibby White – Optimistic | @TheRealWibbyWhite
Wibby White finds success internationally with new EP “Optimistic” MIAMI, FL – If you’re looking for an artist who perfectly combines sounds from today, yesterday and tomorrow, look no further than Wibby White. The Miami, Florida native has been making music for a few years and is beginning to make... Read more
Ricky Official is one of the more promising contributors in today’s R&B genre. The Atlanta resident’s latest single, “Heart of the City” talks about the harsh realities of inner city living and the struggle undertaken by those fit to survive and reach their goals. Speaking for the have-nots Ricky... Read more