[Interview] Denequia on #IBTHHRadio
Denequia was born in Hollywood Florida on December 16, 1984 to Dennis Towns and Joyce Riley-Butler. Denequia started sining at the tender age of 4 years old. She joined her church choir at the age of 5 years old. Amazed at her vocal ability her choir director gave her... Read more
[Interview] @BoogaBradshaw on #IBTHHRadio
Booga Bradshaw (AKA 806Boog) is an independent Israelite hip-hop recording artist based in Texas. Born in Lubbock and raised in the tiny town of Amherst, TX, Boog has always been a student of all aspects of music, from groovin’ instrumentals to meaningful lyrics. Down home blues and jazz had... Read more
Post My Fresh Interviews with VonnTheArtist @vonntheartist
1. Vonn thanks for spending time with us. Explain where the passion for music came from? Thank you for having me. My passion for music came from being a means of expression. I believe that everybody needs some kind of way to vent and release their emotions. Not everybody... Read more
[Interviews] The Pullup Show Interviews Mr Commodore & Kiyanna @thepullupshow
Mr. Commodore is no rookie to the sketch comedy world. As he stated he’s been doing this since Myspace. He’s an actor, writer and standup comedian on his way to the big screen. He loves what he does. He’s patient and focus on building his brand and making his... Read more
Big Heff: Where are you from? Gringo Gang: We are from Indianapolis, IN, the Westside and Southside mostly. Better yet, the Midwest! We are from the midwest! Big Heff: How Did you get started making music? Gringo Gang: We started back in 2015, it started as a city wide... Read more
Post My Fresh Interviews talks with DJ Bigg V @biggv
1. What’s going on Bigg V we appreciate your time. Take us back when you decided that you wanted to be a DJ? Always wanted to be a DJ or a Preacher! Lol Well The DJ Won! 2. Talk to us about what the music scene was like in... Read more
Shawn Archer recent interview on Hood Geniuses! @iamshawnarcher
Shawn Archer just stopped by as a guest on Hood Geniuses, the popular podcast based out of Philadelphia, Pa. Sitting with Lady T and Miz 100, they spoke on a variety of topics with the rising Philly artist. Touching on such topics as his early influences, from his songwriting... Read more
Trel Mack’s New Single, ‘Feenin for You’, Nears Release, New Album ‘September’ to Drop this Fall @trelmack
(June 26, 2018) – Trel Mack is back, as only he can be. The celebrated hip-hop artist from Philadelphia will be dropping his latest single, ‘Feenin for You’ on July 7, 2018 under the SKE Records label. The single is derived from Trel’s new album ‘SEPTEMBER’ that is slated... Read more
Big Heff: Where are you from? Gold Rose: I am from Cleveland, OH ; grew up in the east side of the city. I was born in the Garden Valley projects, but when I turned one we moved on to 100 st. Miles. We moved constantly around that area;... Read more
[Single] @Gutta_Slim ‘GO Live’
Gutta Slim Please click below to read Gutta Slims Bio AND his GO Live Radio interview with “Dem Damn Dawgs” Gutta Slim Bio GO Live Radio Interview   Follow on all social media IG: @Therealguttaslim Twitter: @Gutta_Slim Facebook: The Real Gutta Slim Soundcloud: Gutta Slim Click to Download Single Read more