Summer’s Hottest Trends Summer’s Hottest Trends
Q: What is the hottest summer trend going on now? And why?   A:  The hottest summer trending fashions going on now would be... Summer’s Hottest Trends

Q: What is the hottest summer trend going on now? And why?


A:  The hottest summer trending fashions going on now would be denim on denim ensemble as wells as print on print designs.  These items dominate each other while providing an eye catching accents.


Q: What would be your must have piece for this summer? And why?


A:  A must have piece for this summer would include the Floor Sweeper Skirt.  The Floor Sweeper Skirt can be fashionably dressed up or casually dressed down.  Such skirts are the perfect fit for any occasion while allowing the individual to easily accessorize their polished look. With such flexibility one can determine how dramatic to make their look with this piece.


Q: What are the must have accessory this summer? And why?


A:Summer must have accessory pieces would include thick set layered necklaces with bangle layered bracelets, Thick Set jewelry pieces provide an elegant addition to simple round neck fashion designs.  To complete the Thick set statement look flawless,  finish with simple, small, yet chic studded earrings. Statement jewelry is perfect to complete any look, but one needs to pay careful attention not to make the fashion mistake by over accessorizing when wearing these beautiful accessories.


Q: If I have a budget of $75.00 what could you put together for  for the high fashion look on a budget?


A:  With a $75 budget there are multiple options to choose from when trying to achieve the ultimate look.  The main thing to consider when shopping on a budget is “if it is not on SALE, do not buy it!”  I am a huge fan of on sale and clearance items. I seize the opportunity to find a great bargain every chance I get. One option to achieving the ultimate look on this budget is to select a solid look, accent the look with with accessories that will make the look pop and It’s that simple!


Q: What are this summers hottest colors right now?


A:  The summers hottest colors are burgundy/maroons.  This color is strong yet vibrantScreenshot_2016-06-02-19-26-58-1.  White also reigns at the top. White should always be a go to during the summer months.  White proves to be a solid, chic, clean, and cool look.  Finally, I predict that Blues will make a bold appearance  this summer as well.


Q: What are your inspirations as far as fashion?


A: I am most inspired by designers, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, and Zac Posen.  These individual not only inspire me but give me “life” through their work.  My ultimate goal is to someday be on their level.


Q: What’s your favorite fabrics?


A.  My favorite fabrics are denim, Lycra, Brocades, Scuba, and Ankara fabrics!  These rank in my top 5 list for now. I am always  looking to find a new love when it comes to fabric.


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