Ray Jr’s “RENT DUE” Red Carpet Premiere Feat. B.Simone, Shiggy and Ray Jr. @RayJr216
RENT DUE tells the story of what happens when two cousins find themselves short on paying their rent. Reggie (Ray Jr.) lost his girlfriend, job and home all in the same day while his cousin Top (William Cobbins) he was robbed of his rent money after a wild night... Read more
[Video] Stan ‘Fantasy’ | @Hennepapi
22 year old artist born and raised in Atlanta, started music career at the age 8. Started recording in parent’s basement in the 9th grade for 7 years. Took it more seriously after high school. Originally recorded it a year prior to the release date in parents basement. Didn’t... Read more
New Video: Stones Jones – Boom
Here’s the debut single from East STL’s street legend, Stones Jones from his mixtape, Trap Rap available 8/16/19. Preorder now: https://smarturl.it/trap-rap Instagram – @scaatmanstones Read more
[New Video] Major Rae Marley – Evil Seed @gmf_raeraemoneyy
Evil Seed and many of the other tracks I’m working on for my mixtape Spawn of the Devil focuses on my shadow side. This unique form of music bring out the creative and mixed blend of tracks complementing my work. @gmf_raeraemoneyy @gmf_records Majorraemarleygmf.com https://youtu.be/gcwyUvKlaAY Read more
Tears – Gambino ft B.O.A.N.E – on FFTV
This song has an Important message in it! Make sure to listen with an open mind and heart! Visual called “Tears” by Gambino x B.O.A.N.E. Directed by Fonzfilmztv Productions in Dillon, SC Promoted by Fonzfilmztv Productions IG: @geegravesmusik Facebook: Gee Graves https://youtu.be/Vy9fg48e6W8 Read more
[New Video] “Dont Like Me”- Keith Class – Directed by FFTV
Brand new artist from Kansas City, KS with his visual “Don’t Like Me” Directed by FFTV starring “Matt” Promoted by Fonzfilmztv Productions IG: @keith_class Facebook: Keith Class https://youtu.be/HT5cFB13pCc Read more
Brylan Kerr Drops Self-Directed, “What I Want” (Death of Mumble Rap) Music Video
(Atlanta, GEORGIA – August 5, 2019) – Today rapper Brylan Kerr releases his new music video for the song “What I Want” (Death of Mumble Rap). Known for his underground college party series dubbed $tudio No•37 featuring live Hip-Hop acts, fashion, graffiti and painters, Brylan Kerr is a leader... Read more
[Video] gb – Friday | @gb_is_me
Record Label SiVA presents Japanese R&B/Hip-Hop artist GB release hit single FRIDAY. Take a listen and go follow GB. gb – FRIDAY (Official Music Video) https://youtu.be/EShdgUFzEQ4 Stay Connected https://twitter.com/gb_is_me https://www.facebook.com/gb.is.my.name/ https://www.instagram.com/gb_is_my_name/ | @gb_is_my_name https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwD8P5GYlPYjMdEfC1NMISQ https://open.spotify.com/artist/7Ll3Cj9QGaAJ42YdRcFKG6?si=0Q_D37YhTVKmc1nlOKHhhA Read more
[Video] EBE BEAVE Feat. Ball Reckless – Da Game | @tymeshard @ball_reckless
Hard Tymes Records presents EBE BEAVE Feat. Ball Reckless “Da Game” official music video produced by Jae trilogy. Go take a listen and watch the official music video “Da Game” now. Beave & Ball Reckless are set for breakout careers there both very talented artist. Watch the official video... Read more
[Video] Ricky Bats ‘Let Em Know Bats’ | @Ricky_Bats
Gotham City Music Group presents the visuals for Ricky Bats and his single “Let Em Know BATS”. Another lyrical track telling a story over a beat that has that classic hip hop vibe. Track remade by Gotti Gator. As always and in that true New York style, Ricky Bats took... Read more